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Springfield, IL, USA

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A Healthier, Happier You

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Hello everyone, my name is Sam Young, and since April 2016 I Have been running and doing all the personal training at Peak Performance and Nutrition. I got my first NCCA accredited personal training certificate a little over a decade ago. In that time I have dedicated myself to understanding fitness, nutrition, and weight loss in every way possible. My techniques and programming was not just born of theory and inaction however. My first fitness success story is actually my own. Unfortunately at one point I had very much hit rock bottom in terms of my weight, and my health. I weighed 313 lbs, and I had no prospect or hopes of ever being where I am now. I learned through hard work, patience and many mistakes we never have to be without hope. This is another lesson that was retaught to me last year when I beat cancer. I understand the obstacles that life can throw at us. Iuse my life experience to help others however I can. In my years in this role I hae helped clients lose a combined 5,000 plus lbs. However, it is not just about weight loss, its about becoming a healthier version of yourself. I am the only Certified Personal Trainer in Springfield that can offer both nutrition services as well as a private studio environment. All for a contract free Affordable hourly rate. Contact me today so we can get started conquering your goals today, not tomorrow.


The Fast Track to Fit

Strength, Stamina & Well-Being 

Corrective/Restorative Exercise

 peak performance springfield il

A Healthier You

Nutrition & Weight Management 

Feel Good, Look Good - Increased Performance

Interval Strength Training 



Travis D. 

I have been working with him for over a year now and the results (when I actually eat the way he tells me ) are fantastic. He's extremely knowledgeable and is also very personable as well. He's always willing to go above and beyond for his clients and will work within your schedule. I can truly say that I have never had a trainer that's more dedicated and invested in his clients success!

Abigail G.



Training based on your needs with your body taken into consideration. I have a few joints that act up and he was understanding. Feel like I get a good workout without feeling overwhelmed by my lack of experience.

Jennifer D.



Sam is a very thoughtful and talented trainer. Your specific needs, injuries, goals, and motivations are given serious consideration and appropriate challenges are presented for each session. I happily recommend him.


My mission is to create a personalized fitness program for you that delivers the results you’ve always dreamed of. Contact me and let me enhance your health, energy, and overall lifestyle.

Springfield, IL, USA

(217) 710-5217

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