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  • Is personal training for me?
    Almost everyone can benefit from personal training. whether its for motivation, experience, or just general accountability it can truly help you achieve results youve always dreamed of.
  • What is corrective exercise, and is it for me?"
    Think of corrective exercise as a step down from physical therapy. It helps to restore balance, stability, flexibility. In some cases it might even stave off surgeries. It can truly improe your life, if you are open minded enough to try something new.
  • Why would i want to try couples sessions?
    Several reasons. Firstly, statistics show your over 30% more likely to accomplish a goal when working with a partner. Secondly, because you motivate each other you get more out of each workout. Lastly, the cost. it is much more economical because you get nearly a 50% savings by signing up with a friend.
  • I have never used a trainer before, how does the process work?"
    The important thing to know is that its my job to make you feel comfortable throughout this whole process. Since everyone is a little different, everyones plan will vary just a bit. In general potential clients and I will have a first meeting and assessmet. We start off by completing health history, and talk about any new or old injuries that I should be aware of. The next step is getting a starting weight and body composition. From there we talk a little about goals, and your long term plan for success. Then we will begin the physial aspects of the assessment. At Peak Performance we utilize the functional movement screen to identify any potential risks that might prove to be an issue. From there the final step would be for you decide if you would like to hire me. If you choose to give me the opportunity to prove my work the final step is scheduling our first session. Do keep in mind all assessments are free.
  • Are you open to the public?
    We operate on a by appointment only basis. This allows me to provide low foot traffic as well as makes for a more interactive session. We do offer some small group classes and yoga. We will be happy to provide you a class schedule if you would like one.



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