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Stephanie G.

Joni P.

Ruth S.

Stephanie didn't have a primary goal of weight loss when she started her fitness journey. Her real goal was to make positive lifestyle changes. It just so happened that the fitness bug bit her hard, and she discovered it was something she loved. With over 105 lbs lost she still strives to get better every day and continue to improve in any way possible. Working with her has been one of my most exciting and rewarding experiences since I started training back in 2008. Stephanie says her favorite part of her fitness journey has been realizing just how capable she has become from not being afraid to push herself.

Joni was one of my first clients I ever worked with here in Springfield. Initially it was a very special birthday that prompted her to want to drop a few lbs. We also very specifically wanted to work on balance as well as core strength. So with very little delay she started working her hardest to accomplish those goals. More than three years later her physical transformation is quite obvious. What is not obvious is how fully she was able to integrate fitness into her daily life. She has since gone on to get her own personal training license. Yes she did lose 70 lbs, but to Joni the most important thing is that she also feels much healthier, because that's what its really about.

Ruth represents one of the greatest physical, as well as mental transformations I have ever been involved with. Her resolve and perseverance have been truly inspirational. When she started her fitness journey, even the most basic tasks were causing her physical pain. She had also recently undergone a heart surgery, so she knew she had to take control. To her that meant several things, first weight needed to come off quickly. In addition to that it was imperative we address the climbing A1C that was causing additional health issues. After some slips and stumbles Ruth started improving at a rate that can only be described as staggering. She has since gone on to meet all her goals she set for herself. A lot of individuals would have been happy there. However that's not in Ruths nature. Even having lost 120 lbs she continues to push herself daily, as well as helping others whenever possible. 

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