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Becoming a healthier version of yourself is the gift that will keep on giving. Sam Young has been directing private training sessions as a personal fitness coach at Peak Performance and Nutrition since 2016. After weighing in at 313lbs himself, Young would develop the private training sessions required to lose weight, embrace health, and get back on track to living a better life. For individuals looking to change their life through fitness, keep on reading!

When it comes to getting into shape, hiring a personal fitness coach can be a great place to start. When you hire a fitness coach at Peak Performance and Nutrition, you are entering an agreement with yourself to fight for the future that you deserve. Sam Young is a certified personal fitness coach who defeated obesity in 2007 and cancer in 2018. Armed with the knowledge and motivation required to push you to the next level, Sam Young and the Peak Performance team can develop the perfect private training sessions for your needs.

Peak Performance and Nutrition offers a host of affordable private training sessions based on your specific needs. Sam overseas in-home personal training sessions, one-on-one training sessions, yoga sessions, and even couples training packages. After all, there is nothing better than living healthier alongside the one that you love! Most training packages range from 30-minutes to an hour in length and they will vary based upon your specific needs. Whether you are looking to cut weight, build muscle, or simply get into better shape, Sam and the Peak Performance and Nutrition team is uniquely qualified to assist you.

Don't let life pass you by. If you are ready to get back in shape and take control of your life, let Sam and the Peak Performance team help you out! You can head to the Peak Performance Book Online page for further details!

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